Print Local


Santa Barbara

Local business people make an enormous and positive contribution to the quality of life in our Santa Barbara community. Local businesses create good jobs, and they boost the local tax base, which in turn improves our schools, our parks, and the quality of life in our town. Most importantly, local businesses are invested in our community. Our city is healthy when we have a strong working and middle class.
Local business is the bridge to a more sustainable economy Why are small businesses more efficient? Because they use more labor and less material resources. If you purchase a loaf of bread manufactured by a nationally known company with centralized production facilities, the cost of that product primarily consists of the fossil fuel and materials needed to create and run the machinery and to make and ship the bread. If you buy bread from a local bakery, the cost of the loaf of bread is based primarily on how much labor was required to make it. The environmental cost of the latter product is lower.
The same is true of screen printed items. When you print local with Foundation Press, a lower percentage of your cost goes to shipping, and a higher percentage goes to quality oversight and quality of materials